Solutions for manufacturers and production operations



Loss Prevention

Our solution ensures products are always made within process limits. It detects, tracks and notifies users when variances happen. The results are increased profitability and reduction of scrap. It saves time and resources by early notification of variances.


Production measurement

Our solution helps manufacturers measure and analyze key parameters of their production processes. It enables users to track changes, investigate production system behaviour, and understand root causes of variances.


Process monitoring

Our solution monitors processes in real-time remotely. It automatically reports process parameters, statistical analysis, overall efficiency, total cycles, idle time, production time, etc.


Predictive maintenance

Our solutions help maintenance managers track the trend of the equipment performance. It detects how a process is functioning relative to its past operation conditions. When process parameters are within limits but the trend is deteriorating, it sends users early notification for the need for adjustment, thus giving users enough buffer to plan for maintenance ahead of time. This helps minimize sudden breakdowns and production stoppage.